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Corona rapid test

We can test you for a possible corona infection quickly and easily.
Please read carefully the requirements and instructions for this:

Important information about the corona test

Do you have a respiratory illness or respiratory symptoms since minimum five days? Symptoms like cough, fever, sniff, sore throat, inability to smell or taste?
Five days of having respiratory illness symptoms is a requirement for getting a corona-quick-test offered by us.
Tests will be done only by appointment.
Don´t come to our office please! We don´t offer tests in our office. Please call us and/or leave a message on our mailbox with your phone number:

Tel. 0176-73 20 83 79

Tel. 0176-38 15 86 41
Attention: We don`t offer tests between Christmas and New Year!

Kind Regards, Team of Nitribitt e.V., Bremen

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